About Our Company

We are a renowned OEM manufacturer of Banking / Office / Retail automation products & solutions ,We are specialised in design , development & manufacturing of wide range of electromechanical products.

OEM GURU Range of Products

Why Choose Us

Technical Polymath

Bringing out great products need wide range of technical expertise. we belive in making the best products, all our products are stridently design to meet the standards required by banks. Promising you the highest quality available


Consumers today won't buy the same product they bought before five years. They expect higher precision, efficiency, performance and cost effectiveness. Our innovative approach will help customers to elevate their products to the next level.

Time to market

Success of a product also depends on how early it is introduced to the market with respect to its competing products. Our expertise will help customers to reduce the time taken to develop, test and release a new product or a new feature into market.